Best Treatment Options for Erectile Dysfunction

11 Dec
By Marie

A good physical intimacy with the partner is one of the best parts of a couple’s life. Sex not only provides excitement and pleasure, but it also acts as a string that strengthens a couple’s relationship with each other. To fulfil the requirement of amazing pleasure each partner tries to make the sexual act more fruitful and satisfactory. But sometimes, Erectile Dysfunction may act as a trouble.

The problem of Erectile Dysfunction has become common these days. There are several cases of couples backing out of their steadily going relationship just because of ED.

Know the problem, Erectile Dysfunction

ED is nowadays a common problem among several males around the world. It is the inability to achieve and maintain an erection of the penis during a sexual act.  This inability to get a firm erection is also called impotence in males. Although males can face a problem to get an erection due to stress or anxiety, but frequent occurrence of ED, may indicate a health issue, which needs to be treated.

Erectile Dysfunction

If you feel, you have signs of ED, do follow it up with a proper consultation with your doctor. Feel free to share your problems and work out a treatment plan that can act best for you.

Treating ED

Talking to your doctor may open several ways for you to get out of this problem as soon as possible, as he will guide you through several steps to recover and perform better in bed. There are different stages of treatment and your doctor may figure it out for you and may prescribe you the best method.

Some people may get results with certain counselling/lifestyle changes only, while some may require medicines. Some patients can work best with pumps and surgery too.

  • Counselling for ED patients:

If you are suffering from stress or anxiety due to any issue, be it professional or personal, it may all hamper your performance in bed too. Hectic lifestyle or tiring day can trigger ED.

In such cases, only a few counselling sessions with a counsellor may boost your energy levels and may ease out your stress to make you feel more confident. If you wish, you may also include your partner in your counselling sessions.

  • Medicines:

There are several medicines that are recommended for the issue like ED. These medicines are either in the form of oral/injectable dosages.  The most common drugs prescribed for the patients with ED are:

These medicines are required to be taken as per the prescription is given by the doctor.  These are swallowed with water or any other liquid at least half an hour before you involve in sex, to get best results. The medicines work efficiently to provide a good erection, but in case your erection continues for more than 4/5 hours, consult your doctor. Always take these medicines as prescribed and inform your doctor prior to the treatment in case you are suffering from any heart health issues.

In some cases, where pills do not work, injections are given to trigger erection, but it is way too dangerous and is only prescribed in extreme cases. Medicine is put into the penis from the side and may leave prolonged erection as well as scarring.

In rare cases, pellets are placed inside the penis to initiate an erection.

  • Treatment using pumps

For those males who want to attain good erection enough for sex, vacuum pumps are alternative options for pills. The device acts as a vacuum to increase blood flow in the penis area and this allows spontaneous erection. Using the pump correctly is a cumbersome task and it may also cause skin irritation, bruising, and pain, etc. No matter how you crave to have sexual intercourse, never forget to consult a doctor before using this pump.

  • Surgical Options

It is the last resort for the patients for whom all other methods of ED treatment have failed. The doctor may prescribe a surgery to place prosthesis in the penis or may carry out a vascular reconstruction to improve blood flow in the penis region. The implant works efficiently to get the erection, although you may become prone to UTI and skin infections.

So, this is an idea about all the possible treatments for erectile dysfunction. One must understand that erectile dysfunction is nothing new and one must talk about it.  It has existed for a long time, but we have just begun to discuss the topic more openly now and thus it feels like it is a widespread problem. Males have been battling ED for a long time and it is not a new thing. One must remember to take time to get fully sexually aroused and to get into mood without rushing too fast, to make the treatment method act more efficiently.

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