Air pollution and asthma

15 Dec
By Max Jones

Air pollution and asthma are often linked to each other. The air we breathe is capable of triggering one of the most prevalent breathing problems known as asthma.

It is often well known that air pollution can trigger asthma and also make it worse. Although there is no solid evidence that proves that air pollution is capable of causing asthma, but it is surely able to trigger the onset of various breathing problems including asthma.

Air pollution can make the symptoms of asthma worse:

If a child or even an adult is suffering from asthma problems, then you might notice that air pollution has made the symptoms of the asthma problem worse. Air pollution is known to promote other symptoms like coughing, wheezing, chest congestion and a feeling of burning in the lungs.

Air pollution:

Air pollution is the pollution of the air, that is so harmful to the living beings. This pollution of the atmosphere can cause diseases, death to human beings and damage to the plants and animals.

The two key pollutants that can affect asthma patients are: ozone and particulate matter. Ozone is found in smog that is formed due to the combination of smoke and fog. The particulate pollutants are found in a haze, smoke and dust particles.

Air pollution

About Ozone:

Ozone is the layer of atmosphere that exists since 15-48 km above the earth’s surface. This layer of atmosphere is able to protect us all from the harmful rays of the sun called the UV rays. But the ground level ozone is a bit different and has the ability to combine with the chemicals and smoke produced by vehicles etc.

About particulate matter pollution:

Particulate pollutants refer to the dust, smoke, soot and aerosol particulates that are suspended in air. The smaller particles have the ability to enter deep into the lungs and cause pollution. Apart from these two pollutants, some other pollutants include carbon monoxide, nitrous dioxide and sulfur dioxide etc.

Sensitivity of body to air pollution:

To know whether your body is sensitive to air pollutants outside, then you must check it out that whether your asthma symptoms worsen when the air is more polluted. If you are sensitive to air pollution, then you might start noticing the air pollution one day after you have been outdoors in polluted air.

Things you can do to prevent asthma outburst and avoid air pollution:

Before you venture outside always try to check the weather forecast of your region, it will help you to avoid the polluted areas and cause asthma linked to air pollution
For asthma patients exercise and healthy diet is very necessary, but one should try to get these in safe environments. Hence, adjust your timings and place of exercising accordingly.

In summers try to restrict your vigorous activities in the morning

Do not venture too often in the area having busy roads and industrial area

On hot and smoggy days, skip outdoor exercises and prefer staying indoors

If you have to go outside in the polluted air, try to minimize your activity level as it will reduce the frequency of polluted air that you will breathe in. For example, instead of daily jogging, you can opt for a walk instead.

Whenever you think air is polluted outside, then never leave the house without taking the reliever inhaler with you all the times

prevent asthma outburst

People with asthma also should avoid smoking and any kind of exposure to environmental tobacco smoke

Listen to your body, if you feel that your asthma symptoms have worsened then do not take any risk and stop the activity you might be doing at that time. Take your inhaler and visit your doctor as soon as possible.

Increase your awareness:

Many times you can yourself, tell when the air is polluted and when it is not, for example by viewing the weather outside, whether it is smoky, hazy or foggy, but many a times you can’t tell much about whether. At such time rely on the air quality reports that are reported on local TV and radio. You can also search for weather information online for your area.
So, whether your asthma is triggered due to air pollution or not, you must know the ways to handle the condition and prevent the recurrence of the condition. Asthma and air pollution awareness among the young children is very important and they should be updated by their peers and others, about different ways to prevent the onset of asthma attack due to air pollution.


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